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About Counselling Psychology

If you’re seeking counselling, psychology, or psychotherapy services in Nottingham, Jasminder Bahia offers sessions in-person and online. With her qualifications as a Counselling Psychologist and EMDR therapist, she can offer support for your emotional and psychological wellbeing. 

Counselling provides a private, confidential and non-judgmental environment. A safe space to talk openly about concerns or stresses. Skills to develop inner resources. Adopt ways to understand manage and understand fears. Steps to create a balanced and intuitive sense of self.

About Counselling Psychology

Counselling Psychology offers support to individuals who may be going through challenging times or significant changes in life, such as relationship break-ups, redundancy, illness, bereavement, trauma, or stress. It is also sought out by those wishing to enhance their self-worth, focus on a specific goal, or improve their personal and professional relationships. With a focus on the integration of theory and therapeutic practice, Counselling Psychology can be a valuable resource for anyone seeking personal growth and well-being.

Jasminder’s counselling and psychological support service is committed to working with intersectionality. Catering to a diverse community, providing culturally appropriate counselling for children, adults, and older adults. The service values and respects individual differences, recognising that societal ideas about family, sexualities, genders, age, class, and cultural background shape people’s lives. Jasminder understands the unique experiences and challenges that arise from these diverse identities. The service aims to provide inclusive and supportive care that considers the various aspects of one’s identity.

How long do I attend Counselling? 

You have an option to attend short-term focused sessions or longer-term therapy work. Counselling can help deal with day-to-day struggles, help seek a solution for a particular dilemma, or help to gain understanding on major life changing events which may have a deeper impact on your long-term future.

What can I discuss in Counselling? 

In counselling, the main aim is to let your story unfold naturally, step by step, at a pace that suits you. This process is unique to each person, and the issues you discuss can vary from one person to the next. You may seek support for stress related to work or personal life. Such as dealing with redundancy, managing work-related stress, or overcoming feelings of loneliness. Counselling can also help with anxiety, including panic attacks and social anxiety. It can also provide support for issues such as trauma, depression, phobias, exam and study pressure. Including relationship problems, family dynamics, loss, bereavement, cultural identity, and individual identity.

How do I book an appointment?

To book an appointment, simply fill in the contact form below,  and we will reply as soon as possible. Appointments are generally available on weekdays, with options for daytime appointments. Additionally, there is a limited number of early evening slots on select days. 

Where can I attend Counselling in Nottingham?

Counselling services are available at our location on Stoney Street, NG1 1LG, in Nottingham city centre. We also offer online sessions, which are accessible to individuals residing outside of the Nottingham area.

What is a Counselling Psychologist?

A Counselling Psychologist is a professional who has completed a first degree in psychology and has further training in various therapeutic models such as cognitive behavioural therapy, psychodynamic, and person-centred theories. They bring together psychological theory, research, and therapeutic practice to support individuals in improving their mental and emotional wellbeing. Counselling Psychologists are dedicated to integrating their knowledge of personal and interpersonal dynamics to create a therapeutic context that promotes growth and healing.

The Counselling Contract

This is a mutual agreement negotiated between the Counsellor and the Client prior to the commencement of counselling. It articulates the responsibilities of the Counsellor and Client in the context of the therapeutic relationship they are going to undertake together.

Click here to see an example contract.

How do I register for counselling?

Once you’ve sent us an email and wish to make an appointment, please complete the Counselling referral form.

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