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Experienced Professional Psychologist & EMDR Practitioner
My Story

Experienced Professional Psychologist & EMDR practitioner

Jasminder Bahia  believes a nurtured body, a steady and kind mind will help overcome some of the obstacles life may bring (from backaches, breathing difficulties to panic attacks and stressful living). Jasminder believes mindful and applied psychological skills help to process difficult emotions and can create a more balanced approach to life.

When studying for a first degree in Applied Psychology, Jasminder gained first-hand experience of formal meditation practices of Zazen and Vipassana. An active student participating in hockey, aerobics and running, it was through exercise that physical tensions for the body realised, especially when the mind focused on a singular activity. This prompted the underpinning for the undergraduate thesis, the correlation between mood elevation and exercise, how people who exercise tend to feel more optimistic about life.

Through serendipity Jasminder came across her first Yoga instructor a highly experienced and respected older Iyengar teacher (who was in their late 70s). This spurred the on-going journey to explore the mind, body and breath connection. Jasminder took a gap year from her post-graduate studies, travelling to the Himalayas where she trained with Swami Govindanada as a Hatha Yoga Teacher.

My Approach & Values

Jasminder Bahia continues to explore mental and physical wellbeing, through meditation, yoga, and psychology. As a chartered Psychologist, Clinical Supervisor, and EMDR Practitioner, she has also been a Yoga teacher since 2003. In 2023, she began her role as a Co-Tutor on the BAATN 10-week Introduction to counselling skills course on antiracist therapeutic practices. Jasminder is also a Yoga Nidra teacher trainer, incorporating Non-Sleep Deep Rest Practice (NSDR) into trauma practices to help soothe the nervous system.

Jasminder’s approach to therapy is to work with a full body-mind approach. She employs mindful practices, simple breathing techniques, and posture work as appropriate within her psychological work. Along with instructions for deep relaxation techniques, especially when dealing with sleep deprivation, stress, and/or trauma history, Jasminder also incorporates psychological well-being and motivational inputs, along with deep relaxation awareness into therapy.

Please note that Yoga (classes/workshops) and (one-to-one) Psychological services are provided separately. To ensure ethical and professional boundaries are maintained, no crossover from one service to the other is encouraged or offered to clients or students. For example from a private psychological session to attend group Yoga classes (and vice-versa).

Counselling Psychology

Counselling, Psychology and Psychotherapy are talking therapies are provided in Nottingham, which help to process, improve and increase emotional and psychological wellbeing. 

Clinical Supervision

In psychology and psychotherapy supervision refers to the system whereby the practitioner regularly meets another therapist for their own benefit and to discuss their work. This is required as part of professional good practice.


A therapy for trauma that helps individuals process distressing memories and traumatic events, that uses unique techniques like eye movements or taps to heal distressing memories, and supports the brain in its natural ability to heal itself.