Answer this what can you do in 15 minutes?

  • In 15 minutes I can get a shower, wash my hair, brush my teeth
  • In 15 minutes I can call a friend and have a catch up
  • I can catch up on a few emails
  • If I had 15 minutes I could have a quick nap
  • In 15 minutes I can easily get some cleaning done
  • In 15 minutes I can rustle up a decent cooked breakfast
  • In 15 minutes… I can do how many press-ups?
  • In 15 minutes, I can finish off the report I need to get done
  • In 15 minutes I can make my claim to fame 

So it appears we can get a fair bit done with 15 minutes. What about trying to sit in meditation for 15 minutes?  How? Take time to connect with your sitting bones, sit tall, chest open, palms soft, eyes soft, breath smooth, focus on the inhale and exhale and connect with the earth, sit on a chair, or on the floor comfortably with legs crossed. Let go of activities and the to-do list, let go of all this for a moment…. for a minute, or even for15 minutes to be precise. Focus on the breath nothing else.

From a 15 minute daily sit see how your day unfolds, how better your sleep becomes, how your relationships improve as you communicate with clarity and ease. Feel the benefits of a regular meditation practise. Sure it’s not easy the mind will wander, the body may ache, you may even want to move after 60 seconds… you may start to create a list of all the things you could actually be doing with these 15 minutes instead of sitting. But hey, what have you got to lose? The to-do-list will always be there, everything else can remain as you learn to look after your inner self and create the right type of intention for the day. Join in for a daily 15 minute sit each day, you won’t be the only person who wakes up every day wanting to ensure you make the most of each moment. There are thousands of people around the world who start their day with mediation. A regular meditation practise will help you focus, stay calmer, give your energy and bring a little smile to your face – try it.

Check out the Dalai Lama – he’s really into meditation and it’s not done him much harm.  Next question what you could do with 30 minutes?