India winning the cricket world cup seems to have sent many British South-Asians into a spin. This mammoth sporting achievement may even re-connect people deeper with their identity.

The concept of identity is defined as part of an individual’s self-concept, which derives from knowledge of their social group. Other definitions emphasise cultural aspects, language, behaviour, values, and knowledge of ethnic group history. Culture is characterised by behaviour, attitudes and determined by upbringing and choice, whilst ethnicity is mainly categorised as a sense of belonging.

A positive sense of ethnic identity has been linked to high levels of self-esteem, self-concept and psychological adjustment. Sporting events unite people, giving a clear sense of belonging and hope, pride and achievement.

Other Asian teams were also successful in the world cup. Pakistan reached the semi-finals and Sri Lanka were finalists. Uniting a person with a sense of identity and culture in a positive light helps bond younger and older generations. Beyond the issue of ethnic and cultural identity, there is also an underlying connection with the human experience of the pain and pleasures that both life and sport brings our way.